Five Lessons To Learn to Get Rich By

What are some of the lessons you’ve learned that will help you make your millions?

The road has already been traveled. You just have to follow the roadmap to success. If you want some simple lessons that can make the world of difference on your journey, continue reading…

Several weeks ago, one of the members of my entrepreneurial book club asked me, what were the lessons I learned from the books we read this year?

Mission Accomplished!

It was a timely question. At the beginning of this year, my goal was to implement at least one nugget of wisdom from each book and apply it to my business so that I can become more profitable and productive in 2010.

Lessons Learned: Wisdom only becomes wisdom when knowledge is rightly applied.

Lesson # 1 – Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki.

Guy says “Starting as a service business is a good initial path but isn’t always  the right long-term strategy.” It takes minimal investment so positive cash flow can happen fairly quickly.

For those of you who are looking for an opportunity to start a business without access to capital, this is a viable option. Nevertheless, you want to begin with the end in mind.

This advice resonated with me. My goal has been to create a business model for my company that will allow me to become financially independent. I started out serving one-on-one clients which I still do, became affiliated with a major entrepreneurial program to leverage serving many, and in the near future I will be extending my reach in other ways as well.

Lesson #2 – Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi

Keith Ferrazzi, says “real networking is about finding ways to make other people more successful. It is about working hard to give more than you get.”

I have made a concerted effort to really think about how I can help others live their vision. And the first thing that I ask is, how can I help you?

How do you make a connection?

For this discussion, when I say connection, I mean the individual knows that you understand in the core of your being what his needs, wants, and desires are and  you will do everything in your power to fulfill them.

Connection + Service= Great Relationships

Your business is as solid as your relationships. And relationships are based on listening. The better you are at listening to your customers and potential partners, the better you can serve them and be more successful in growing your business.

Lesson #3 – Trust Agents by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith

Chris and Julien say “the difference between you and other people in your space is that you are going to think about the rules and systems that apply to any situation…. Once, you have the system figured out, ask yourself which rules can be ignored, changed, modified. ”

In other words, how are you going to be a game changer?

In order to be hugely successful in life, you have to be a risk taker which requires not doing things the way things have always been done. With that said, it’s really important that you understand extremely well the “sandbox” you’re playing in so that you can capitalize on its inherent weaknesses. Hence, change the rules!

Lesson # 4 – The Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

Tim says “Relative Income is More Important than Absolute Income. Relative Income uses two variables: the dollar and time, usually hours.” “Relative income has to add up to the minimum amount necessary to actualize your goals.”

My AHA moment!

That got me to thinking. I don’t have to wait to become financially independent before I can start to live my life in a financially independent way.

How can we utilize our resources TODAY to begin to live the type of lifestyle we want NOW?

Lesson # 5 – The Diamond Cutter by Geshe Michael Roche

Michael says “The hidden potential of things can you bring you internal and external success. And the hidden potential in anything is how we perceive it.”

The bottom line is nothing is good or bad. It just is!

Did you get laid off from that really good paying job you were afraid to leave to start that business you always dreamed about?  Although, it may look like a bad thing, maybe it’s just the push you needed to start the business of your dreams.

The most valuable resources are the ones that we use and requires minimal investment with significant return.  Although, it has an infinite return on investment, there is no price on knowledge.

Join in on the fun! I would love to have you participate in the InspiretoVision Online Entrepreneurial Book Club.  No investment of money, just time and effort to learn and apply the lessons learned that will get you to your millions!

Happy Holidays! And much success to you in 2011!

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2 Responses to “Five Lessons To Learn to Get Rich By”

  1. Thanks for these great lessions…I think I am going to add Never Eat Alone to my library. “Connection + Service= Great Relationships” I love It

  2. ddouglas says:

    I would love to hear your thoughts once you read the book even though I know you already have the tools to serve others and build great relationships!

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