Five Steps to Defining and Having the Success You Envision

I had the opportunity to speak at a Women’s Entrepreneurial event this past Friday on work/life balance and entrepreneurship. I literally had five minutes to deliver my message so I knew it needed to be impactful and devoid of “fluff.”

I thought to myself, what can I say to the participants that can help them move one step closer to achieving their vision and creating the life they desire?

It just so happened that the speaker before me discussed the primary reason she started her own business as a financial planner was to have work/life balance.  Although, quality of life was a primary reason for her, we all have our own unique reasons why we decide to pursue entrepreneurship.

What is it that you would like for entrepreneurship to help you attain for you to feel successful?

According to Webster’s dictionary, success is the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence. For some, quality of life is of utmost important, for others the attainment of wealth is critically important, and for others it’s a combination of both.

Another definition of success was an outcome or result. I like this definition because it gives each of us the latitude to define success for ourselves and decide what the result of that looks like.

Here are five steps that will enable you to define and achieve the success you desire:

Step #1 – Identify your vision – What is that you want to be, do, and have?

While you were sleeping,  imagine having a phenomenal dream that encompassed your personal and professional vision for yourself. What were  the specific details of your dream? This dream was your ideal life. Then, you woke up and sensed something was different. What was the first thing you noticed that something actually happened? Your dream was now a reality!

What were the tangible and intangible things you had, what were the things you had accomplished in life, and what kind of person were you?

Step #2 – Create the “Right” Business/Work Model

Oftentimes, we don’t align our business/work model with our personal vision because we see them as two separate entities. Regardless if you have a business or a job, either one should be creating value for you in other ways besides just monetary value. It should be helping you achieve the things you identified you want to be, do, and have. Those things that encompasses your vision!

Step #3- Be Strategic. Have a plan.

Statistics show people who have a plan and write down their goals have an 80% higher success rate of achieving them.  In addition to writing down your goals, you have to implement them. Implementation is key!

Step #4 – Identify the Resources You Need to Achieve Your Vision

The most valuable resources are the ones with minimal investment and significant return. Is it a key strategic partnership for your business, a mastermind group that would hold you accountable to your goals, a mentor that can give you guidance, or capital to grow your business?

Once you have identified what you need, seek it out!

Step # 5 – Be Productive.

Movement is not progress. Figuratively speaking, when we are walking on a treadmill, we are still standing still. Here’s a productivity tool I learned from Eben Pagan that I have implemented in my work day.

For the first 2.5 hours of my workday I focus on the most important task that will generate income. During those 2.5 hours, I have fifty minutes of focused work and then take a ten minute break. After I complete the 2.5 – 3.5 hours, I take a thirty minute break to eat and relax. Then I repeat the cycle again.

Make sure that your daily activities are helping you achieve your goals that you have identified in your plan. If you continue to do the things that will move you towards your goals, you will inevitable achieve your vision!

Five Minutes can make a difference.

As I was about to leave, I made my way to the little girl’s room. There was a woman standing outside the restroom waiting to use it. She told me how my talk really helped her reconsider how she is approaching her business. Two other people stopped me before I could make it to the exit door to share their sentiments with me as well.

I hope you taking the five minutes to read this will help you as well.  Move forward and upward in achieving and living your vision.

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3 Responses to “Five Steps to Defining and Having the Success You Envision”

  1. Anita says:

    Thank you. This topic was very helpful.

  2. ddouglas says:

    Hi Anita,

    You’re welcome. I am glad to hear you received some value from the information.

  3. A must read, very informative. Steps you can use throughout your career. The answers will continue to change as you complete your goals.

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