Why it is important to Know the Rules of the Game Before You Play

When you think about one of the most successful individuals who has carefully crafted and built a brand based on his business acumen and achievements, who comes to mind?

Of course, Donald Trump! If he wasn’t on the top of your list, I am sure he was in the top three.

We have to admire The Donald for his ability to play the game of business quite well. He has experienced extraordinary success, been on the brink of bankruptcy, only to come back more victorious than ever. These stories inspire us to know what we are of capable of accomplishing!

Most games that we play have an element of gambling, may it be business or a simple card game like poker. Figuratively and literally speaking, each player is dealt some cards and the object of the game is to end up with the highest-valued hand.

The artistry of being an exceptional player is knowing when to hold the cards in your hand, when to fold them, or how to circumvent the rules of the game all together.

It really was a great lesson for all of us to see The Donald try to Trump President Barack Obama in the game of politics and get served a flush.

What the heck was The Donald thinking when he decided to take on the President by championing the birther movement?  It really is quite surprising!

Any person in his rational mind knows that President Barack Obama would not be our President if he wasn’t a legitimate citizen of the United States. The Donald strikes me as someone who is only willing to play in games that he knows he can win. What was he was trying to accomplish? Was it more brand exposure?  I’m not quite sure.

And the winner is…

I am sure The Donald thought through his game plan. Whatever it was, he miscalculated the outcome.

The real question is has The Donald tarnished his image and brand to the degree that it can’t be repaired. Will this impact his business dealings?  Maybe.  Will it impact the ratings of his TV Show and people buying his books? Possibly.

Let The Donald serve as a reminder to each of us. When we participate in games where we don’t understand all the rules, we are bound to lose. It’s best that we stay in our lane and continue to do those things we do well and leave the rest to others to do what they do well.

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