Listening to Your Business: Vision, Strategy, and Social Media Workshop for Entrepreneurs

4-Hour Workshop, March 31, 2010

5-9 pm

Empire State Building

The day-to-day responsibilities of running your own business leave little time to focus on long-term vision, goals, and strategies. You’re so busy running around, you’re not listening to your clients, potential customers, or to yourself: Why did you start your business to begin with?

The web allows you to connect more easily than ever with people in your niche, to listen to what your clients want, to hear what people are saying about YOU. Chances are you’re not taking advantage of the potential.

Your business is as solid as your relationships. And relationships are based on listening. You know what else requires listening? Social Media. What is your intention? What do you need to grow your business by $25,000 next month? Who do you need to meet? What should that conversation look like? What relationship can you develop?

In this workshop, you will:

  • examine your business: what’s working? what isn’t?
  • create a vision for 2010
  • learn how to listen online to build more connected relationships.
  • learn how to build stronger relationships using social media to build a stronger business
  • identify resources to reach your goals
  • have a detailed roadmap to success

Is your business worth the investment?

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Danielle Douglas is the President of Inspire Enterprise, Inc. For approximately twenty years, Danielle sold successfully over $4 million dollars in one product and almost $2 million dollars in another for Fortune 100 companies such as XEROX Corporation and Pfizer Inc. She achieved great success, winning numerous sales awards, due to the strategic planning she created and implemented during her sales career.
She received her certification as a coach through IPEC Coaching. In addition, she has an ACC credential through the International Coach Federation. Lastly, she is a certified provider of the FastTrac programs for the Kauffman Foundation.

Melea Seward is a technologist, writer, speaker, teacher, and coach. She teaches Search Engine Marketing and social media for entrepreneurs, Web 2.0 & Business, at the Fashion Institute of Technology, in addition to providing small business coaching and web strategy classes both one-on-one and in groups. In her consulting work, she regular works with small- and micro-business owners, internet start-ups, entrepreneurs, non-profits, universities and foundations to help them find and increase website traffic, connect people from disparate locations, build stronger relationships on-line and off, and improve end-user experience.

Staying Connected

To me, Danielle represents a new and fresh era of women who have done it all and seen it all and now want to deliver a message of experience to others, but with elegance and humility. She empowers without overpowering and provides the tools to create real goals that ordinary people can achieve. Elizabeth Perdomo - Women’s Business Center of the Queens, Economic Development Corporation