How to Start a Business with No Money
Your Journey to Success

If you are interested in becoming a successful entrepreneur by gaining significant financial returns with minimal financial investment, then you will want to continue reading.

Here’s the story:

Ten years ago, I broke my femur snowmobiling in Vermont while on a business trip. It was the best thing that could have happened to me! Up until that point, I had mastered the daily routine of my job and was quite successful. I constantly asked myself the question, is this as good as it gets? Deep in the recesses of mind I knew I was supposed to be doing something more. What was it?

The answer came to me when I was home for eight months recuperating from my broken femur. Five years later, I was still at the same company doing the same job. Then, one day a friend encouraged me to take that leap of faith to start my own business. I had a choice. Either I was going to live my vision or stay in my comfort zone and wonder “what if.”

Six weeks later, what appeared to be a sudden decision, was in actuality a decision that was made five years before. I pushed all fears and doubts aside to take the plunge into entrepreneurship. Once I made the decision, the next question was what type of business am I going to start and how am I going to start it with little money to invest.

I started my business right when the economy took a significant downturn. I had to figure out pretty quickly who my customer was and what my services would be before my savings were completely depleted.

Well, folks, that was five years ago and I am still in business. If I knew then what I know now, I could have saved myself a lot headaches and money. If you want to learn some of the dirty little secrets that can make a huge difference between the success and failure of your business, then make a minimal investment in How to Start a Business with No Money four week coaching and training program.

You will learn:

  • What are the three most important questions you must answer to let you know you’ve become a successful entrepreneur
  • How knowing what you are good at can help you create your business concept
  • How to discover what your customer needs that can pay you significantly when you give it to them
  • How to use free resources to start a business quickly with minimal financial investment
  • How to identify and utilize the business model that will give you the freedom to start a business immediately
  • How to identify the best resources to get financing when you are ready
  • And much more….

Today, you have a choice. You can continue to do what you have been doing, and try to figure it out on your own. This usually never works because you can make a very costly mistake that can lead to failure, or you can invest in How to Start a Business with No Money four week coaching and training program that will give you the success formula.

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Coaching program includes: (1) instructional and (1) group coaching call per week, the How to Start a Business with No Money ebook with downloadable exercises, and resources, Bi- Weekly InspiretoVision Online Entrepreneurial Book Club, Weekly Newsletter, and Webinars with Subject Matter Experts.

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Staying Connected

We, at the Women’s Business Center at BOC Network held a Live Your Vision Series with Danielle Douglas for our entrepreneurs. We were amazed at how her work helped a group of women – connect, resolve, set-goals, and start work towards manifesting their personal visions. Danielle was a great facilitator and source of energy for a group of entrepreneurs that needed that extra push to start working towards their dreams. The entrepreneurs that participated in the program bonded and became a source of support for one another and thus have become committed to stay in touch and stay focused on realizing their business and personal goals. - Liliana Blanco, Program Director, Women’s Business Center